Happy शुभकृत् सम्वत्सरः to all of You.Samskritham 21 is glad to launch the new Interactive Bhagavad Gita website to study the Language in depth.Happy Learning



About us

A golden chance to Learn the ancient language and to understand the Sacred Text which contains the Indian Wisdom. Please share our website to your friends or collegues via Facebook or Twitter. Thank you.

Chief Volunteer

Shri Nanda Mohan Shenoy

  • Mr Nanda Mohan Shenoy is a Cyber Security and Privacy Professional and an Ex-Banker. He is a Professional trainer and an International Speaker in wide range of subjects related to his profession as well as Finance and Samskrith. He has been teaching Samskrith from the age of 21. His bank job took him to various places like Kolkata, Goa and Mumbai, Trivandrum, Kochi etc where he has a number of students in Samskrith He has now forayed into teaching Samskrith in a very modern way using PowerPoint and other teaching techniques to make it attractive to the young generation.

Other Volunteers

  • Dr Madhukar Pai - Kochi
  • Shri K. Girish Prabhu - Bangalore
  • Shri G Muralidhar Shenoy - Mangalore
  • Shri Satish Bhat - Mumbai
  • Shri Venugopal Prabhu - Bangalore
  • Shri Pranav Kini - Kochi

Crowd Funding

Any effort in modern days requires the 4 M's as taught to use in economics namely man, machine, material and money. Launching a website needs a domain registration, storage space and effort of the webmaster etc for which without the contributions for the samskritha premi is going to be difficult. Starting of is easy but sustanence is also equally important. Hence look forward to your valuable contribution for the basic maintenance as well as promotion of samskrith related activities

Samskritham Premium

Learn on one to one basis with direction interaction with the Tutor through Zoom Class/ Google Class Room etc. Blockchain based Certification of Participation to be issued for standard courses. To be launched Shortly.

Student Speak here 👉

Shri R. V. Venkatasubramani Chennai

Dear Nandmohan..your classes are excellent. It has kindled my desire to learn Sanskrit in a very serious way. Your explanation is simply fantastic. Your all round knowledge amazing. I did not know earlier that you are so great![15th Oct 2020] .

Smt Sudha Shenoy

Shenoy maam, we are grateful to you for conducting sessions on Narayaneeyam and Narsimha stuti. Gained lot of knowledge not just about the slokas but their references and information on things related to the slokas. Your way of teaching is such that the seekers/listeners/students give undivided attention. You always make your session really very interesting. Quizes and polls like perks, an added bonus. We personally perceive it. We are also grateful to your team. Also we are listening to your konkani version of Narsimha Stuti. Thank you for Konkani version which you specially released for our konkani community. Please let us know about your next session.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻[2nd May 2020]